Saturday, 31 January 2015

Naomi's Lego Star Wars themed cake.

My baby brother turned 8 this week. As is customary, I was tasked with making him a cake. This year he opted for a Lego Star Wars cake (last year it was Spider-Man).

I trawled the web looking for inspiration & realised that I had to get my hands on some Star Wars mini figures to adorn my sponge cake. I looked on eBay and Amazon & I was shocked at the price (there were cheaper ones available to ship from China - they would have arrived mid Feb). Luckily I had a brainwave & contacted a friend who works for Lego & they were able to find a collection of characters for me. 

My bother requested a plain Victoria sponge with strawberry jam & buttercream. This was coated in navy buttercream instead of sugar paste. Although sugar paste often has a cleaner finish. In my opinion, buttercream is tastier!

I used a novelty silicone ice cube mild to shape red, blue, yellow and green sugar paste into Lego bricks & decorated the cake with these and the Star Wars figures.

It might not have been the most creative cake ever but it was a hit with the birthday boy and his party guests! 

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  1. It was delicious and it looked great. I hope your brother grows up to be as culinarily talented as you.